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Acumatica Device Hub: Scanning Documents and Attaching to Forms (PO, SO. ...) in Acumatica

Acumatica device hub enables you to scan documents from any Acumatica form (PO, Bill, Receipt, SO, invoice,,.) and attach them to PO, bill, receipt, SO, invoice, etc.
This device hub feature is needed when you get a vendor invoice or  a customer Purchase Order (PO) in paper format, and you want to attach to a vendor bill or  a customer invoice in Acumatica.  Of course, a more efficient way is to get those vendor invoices and customer POs in electronic format so that you don't have to scan them. The ultimate solution is to have those documents in a vendor portal and customer portal as can be done with Acumatica.
Any form that needs to be signed and stored in Acumatica, will need to be scanned first. Device hub will help you with this. Tax forms and agreements need to be signed and stored. If they don't enable e-signature, then you will have to scan them first. Device hub enables such scanning. The ultimate solution is to enable documents with e-signature, which Acumatica can provide with an ISV application called Adobe SIgn.
Please note that this device hub feature requires Acumatica ERP version 2019R2.
The video (10 mins, 2019) will demonstrate the device hub feature.
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