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Top Manufacturing ERPs


Evaluating top manufacturing ERPs, can be a daunting task. On the other hand it is a necessity since your whole manufacturing business could drawn or swim with your chosen manufacturing ERP.  Therefore we like to give you the results of some independent. objective, and high quality comparison studies.

However as always your company needs to do the following first:

  1. Create a proper ERP selection team where each department is represented properly

  2. Develop your ERP selection criteria, prioritize them, set scope of work boundaries over time.

    1. Possible manufacturing ERP selection criteria can be found at:

      1. SelectHub

      2. Solutions Review

      3. SoftwareAdvice

  3. Check the best practices in your industry, and determine the best practices for your company

  4. Determine the gap between the best practices for your company and your current company practices

  5. All the above might have to be preceded by a proper strategic business plan, a proper tactical business plan and a proper operational business plan. More details.

The above steps are also described in the ERP Selection Process webpage.

Listed below is a study that lists the top 10 manufacturing ERPs.

The Top 10 Manufacturing ERPs

The Third Stage Consulting company has selected the top 10 manufacturing ERPs. They are as follows:

  1. IFS

  2. QAD

  3. IQMS

  4. Acumatica

  5. Oracle ERP Cloud

  6. Epicor

  7. SAP 4/Hana and Infor Cloudsuite Industrial

  8. Deacom

  9. Microsoft Dynamics 365

  10. Plex Systems

The video (18 mins, Jan 2020) below will discuss the selection.

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