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Small Field Service (Contractor) ERP

Where is it being used?

The Small Field Service ERP package is being used by contractors  such as:  HVAC, electrical, Painting, plumbing, garage doors, roofing, window installations, solar panel installations, gutter cleaning and installations, carpenters, landscaping, tree removal, cleaning, ...

Such contractors sell, install and repair equipment. They bring the equipment in their van, install it, and offer you the invoice for immediate payment, or email you the invoice when it is a bigger project. An estimate may preceed the installation. 

Needs for an ERP or Retail Solution

The needs for a cloud ERP for a small field service contractor are as follows:

  •  A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track the prospect and customer contact information

  • An accounting system (GL, Banking, AR, AP)

  • A purchasing system

  • A sales/service order management system including kits and assembly

  • A simple inventory system. Maybe not needed.

  • Sometimes a project management system

  • The accounting system can be seperate but is fully integrated with the other systems, and runs in the cloud. 

  • Payroll system

  • All systems run in the cloud, and use one and the same database

  • A mobile application is very welcome

Features of the Dynacom ERP for Field Service Contractors

The features of the Dynacom Cloud ERP for Field Service Contractors are as follows:

  • They satisfy all the needs listed above

  • Uses as a cloud CRM, which is very easy to use, and is very customizable

  • Can integrate with an ECommmerce store. 

  • Integrated with Quickbooks online which runs in the cloud. 

  • A mobile application is very welcome

  • To learn more about:

    • Basic solution:

      • Accounting (GL, cash management, Accounts Receivable, and Accounts Payable)

      • Sales and customers

      • Purchasing and Suppliers

      • Inventory

      • Payroll

      • ECommerce

    • HVAC features


For the first  license: $100/mth with unlimited users.

For details click here.

Other Alternative Solutions

Other alternative solutions are:

  • MHelpdesk

    • Has good features but is not in the cloud.​ It runs on a server. This requires a lot more maintenance since each store server has to be maintained.

    • Integrates with all  the other systems: Ecommerce, Accounting, purchasing, sales, ..

    • Integrates with Quickbooks Onlline

    • To see a full screen of the video, click here

    • More

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