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Simple ECommerce Add On

When is it needed?

It is needed when you a business that wants to sell a few services or products. Some examples:

  • For instance you run an electrical contractor shop, and have a lot of expertise with generators. You just want to sell a few good generators.

  • Your are a great teacher at a school in math. You want to sell your math tutoring on the side. 

  • You are great tennis athlete, and you want to sell your tennis lessons

You don't need an ECommerce system and a product/service catalog.

Later on when you want to sell a lot of products and services on your website, then you should go for our Small Retail ERP

A Simple Solution: Google Express

You can build your website in WIX, or we can help you

  • In Google Express you can enter your products and services, integrate your list of entered products in Google Shopping with your website. We can help you do that

  • Google Express offers you also:

    • A Shopping cart

    • A checkout session where you enter your billing information and shipping address

    • A shipment carrier list

    • A online payment tool such as a credit card payment system

    • ..

You will get an email when there is a purchase, and the money will be in your bank account.

Of course you have to pay a fee to Google Express. About $95 per year.

You will get all the customer information including their email id and phone number, which you don't get when you set up a store on!

Setting up a Google Express shop is somewhat involved but, we are here to help you! Once set up properly, money will flow in.

You don't need an ECommerce system and a product/service catalog. 

Click here to learn more about Google Express.

The Result: Your Google Express Shop

Your Google Express shop could like as follows:

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