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Scanco WareHouse Management (WMS)


The Scanco warehouse management system (WMS)is for warehouse where items are put away, picked, packed and shipped with handheld scanners and/or voice to pick. Normally these would be warehouses where forklifts or pull carts are used to put away or pick items on a pallet from storage racks. Scanco provides scanners that run on Android and IOS devices. 

The main features of Scanco WMS are:

  • Receiving

  •  Location Transfers

  •  Warehouse Transfers

  •  Cross Location Visibility

  •  Order Fulfillment

  •  Bin Management

  •  Automatic Updates

  •  Physical Counts

  •  Technology-leading Scanning

  •  iOS and Android

  •  Seamless Integration with Acumatica

The video below demonstrates such a scanner.

Integration with Acumatica Cloud ERP,  Acumatica Manufacturing Edition, NetStock, StarShip and APS Payments

The video (40 mins, 2017) will show this full integration.

Click here to learn more.

Scanning the items using the Scanco Mobile Application

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