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Acumatica Based ERP for Property Management

When is it needed?

When your company owns property (landor building), and you lease/rent it to tenants, then you need this ERP for property management.  


The ERP package was developed by Integrated Business Systems (IBS), and is called Imperium. Click here to see it, or click on the picture on the right.

WEBINAR: Property Management Made Easier

In this webinar, you’ll be introduced to Imperium, powered by Acumatica, the most robust enterprise-wide product of its kind, with benefits that include:

  • Flexible tenant billing options

  • Lease creation, renewals, and vacancy management

  • Work order management

  • Owner and resident portals

  • Anytime, anywhere connection for you and your team via any device

Learn how Imperium and IBS will make your life a whole lot easier, so you can focus more time on strengthening your property management business.

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