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ISV: Paramount Workplace Expenses


Paramount Workplace Expenses offers advanced expense management features such as:

  • submit  a travel request (flight), meal request, etc.

    • Require approval

    • Once approved, request become an expense

  • Mobile application​

    • Capture an expense receipt: restaurant receipt, gas receipt,..​

    • OCR scans the receipt, and adds text to the expense to clarify expense

    • Expense receipt becomes an expense, and is sent to the Paramount Workplace Expenses

  • Import credit card transactions into expenses. This is needed if you don't have receipts​

  • In Paramount Workplace expense, there is a Google map, where you can enter your starting place and end destination

    • Mileage is calculated, and cost of trip becomes an expense​

  • Allocate expenses to certain GL accounts​

  • Split hotel bill among employees traveling with you

  • Budget expenses with required approval

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