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Microsoft PowerBI: Displaying Acumata Data in the Cloud outside the Acumatica ERP


Microsoft PowerBI is a cloud/online graphic reporting tool that can store external data such as Acumatica data, and display it online in many formats such as tables, charts, maps, etc. The advantage of this tool is that it is in the cloud, and that people can have access to this data without needing access to the Acumatica ERP. Also this data in MS PowerBI can be manipulated, and joined by data from other external resources such as other applications and databases.

In Acumatica, the Generic Inquiry writer can be used to retrieve any data in Acumatica—including data stored in customized fields—and publish it, export to Excel, or format it for OData. The OData formatting option exposes the data in the Open Data Format supported by business intelligence tools like Microsoft Power BI.

Videos (5 mins, 2016) shows how easy it is to set up a MS PowerBI site in the cloud

Videos (8 mins, 2017) shows how easy it is to display Acumatica data in a MS PowerBI site in the cloud

Features of MS PowerBI

MS PowerBI has been enhanced a lot. 

The video (8 mins, 2020) shows the latest. 

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