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Lead Generation Tools



Lead generation tools can speed up the generation of leads and the contacting of  them. To find the right leads and qualify them in one step, you can use the following tools:

  • or will enable you to target leads and get the email ids and phone number of those leads. For instance, I want to find all the discrete manufacturers of dishwashers in Columbus, Ohio that have an annual revenue in the range of $20Mln - $50Mln per year. I need the COO, his/her contact information and phone number.

  • Since both are integrated with HubSpot, you can import the above leads into Hubspot. You can  start with a free Hubspot version. These leads will all be qualified prospects

    • In HubSpot, you can launch email marketing campaigns, and link in the email body to landing pages.

      • To create nice HTML emails, you can use Chimp email.

    • You keep all the prospecting communication in HubSpot.,

    • Once a prospect becomes a customer after signing the sales agreement, that prospect is transferred to Acumatica CRM.

  • Import customers into Acumatica CRM

    • Hubspot is integrated via Azuqua to Acumatica CRM. This enables easy transfer of customers from HubSpot to Acumatica CRM

  • Acumatica CRM email marketing campaigns

    • Acumatica email marketing campaigns to custmers is explained here. Go to the bottom of the webpage.

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