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Local Area Networking


Local Area Networks (LAN)  can be wired or wireless or both. A wired LAN can be wired with CAT6E twisted copper wire (aka Ethernet) or with fiber.

A LAN can be wireless aka WIFI. We recommend to go with WIFI in each floor for connecting computers. To connect floors we recommend wiring with Ethernet cable. To connect buildings on a campus we recommend fiber.

However we recommend Ethernet cable for connecting IP Phones to the cloud PBX or IP PBX, and for connecting servers.  But soon IP phones will be replaced with softphones (mobile VOIP app on your mobile device).

LAN networking is now crucial in any business since every business needs to access the cloud for websites, email, webinars, web applications and VOIP.  Our company will help you plan the right networking, and install the network properly followed by solid testing.


Your router and a wireless access point has the WIFI transmitter and settings. Your floor or suite must be fully reachable at a good speed (1 Gbps)  so that every computer, smartphone and wireless device can connect properly to the internet. Selecting the right router is crucial. Our company will do this for you. 

Also the WIFI must be secure.

Wired LAN

To connect floors, IP phones and servers, Ethernet cable should be used.  To connect buildings fiber or microwave can be used. 

  • Connecting floors using Ethernet cable

    • Normally you will run an Ethernet cable from a floor router to the router on the next floor. Depending on your needs you may set up your router​ as a pass-through gateway or as a router. If set up as a router, the computers on that floor will not be reachable from another floor. Our company will help you with the right set up.

  • Connecting buildings using fiber​

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