Field Service Projects


A field service job that lasts several days becomes a field service project. You can use all the features of the Acumatica Field Service Edition. The set up of service orders and reporting is a bit different but, it enables you to manage a project that consists of many major tasks where each major task has several technicians and of course parts (stock items) and service tasks (non-stock) items.


More details and a video are coming soon. In the meantime a document is given below that has main screen captures of a webinar that was given to Acumatica partners.

The business case in the webinar is as follows:

  • Big "L" Builder is building three homes. He/she is subcontracting the HVAC work to an HVAC subcontractor who uses three crews ( a crew per home)

    • In each home the HVAC subcontractor needs the following:

      • 12 feet AC pipe

      • Installation of a 12 feet AC pipe

      • Air conditioner

      • Install the air conditioner

The Acumatica Field Service edition is used as follows:

  • Set up a service order type: BIG L

  • Set up a service order of type BIG L for each home

  • In each service order, set up two appointments. An appointment consists of assigning people to line items, and of scheduling a date and time for each appointment/job.

    • Appointment One that needs:

      • A 12 feet AC pipe

      • Installation of a 12 feet AC pipe

    • Appointment Two that needs:

      • Air conditioner

      • Installation of the air conditioner

The video (20 mins, 1/2021) below demonstrates the set up and use of Field Service projects.

The business case and the screen captures of the demo are given in the PDF below.

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