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Field Service Dispatch

The Field Service Dispatch feature that is part of the Acumatica Field Service Edition, enables you to assign Service Orders to a technician based on the availability and skills set of the technician

The video ( 20 mins, 2017) illustrates the dispatch features.

Google-Map-Routing for field service app

Optimizing Appointments

You want your crews to do as much work as possible in a day. When you have several small customer jobs that need to be done in a day, you want to do the following:

  1. Assign the small customer jobs (appointments) to the technicians who have the skills to do those jobs, and can do them in one day. You form crews with their assigned customer jobs that can be done in one day

  2. Sequence the appointments such that the travel time of the crew is minimized

The Acumatica Field Service  edition of 2020R1 has a new feature to do the above optimization. The video below (8 mins, 2020) will demo this.

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