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Distributor Lite Manufacturing  (Assembly) 


Your distributor company may have to assemble some products before shipping them out. To keep track of which items are assembled into a finished good, the Distributor Lite Manufacturing Module (Application) enables you to create a kit (similar to a BOM) which consists of all the needed materials/components and labor. From this kit, a work order can be created for the assembly. This module/application checks for the availability of the required materials, and creates automatically a Purchase Order for the materials that are short (out of stock). 

This application was developed by an Acumatica partner and ISV called Advanced Solutions and Consulting Co. They support this application.


A sales order or an ECommerce order (Shopify or Magento) can trigger a work/production order. This scenario is a Make To Order environment.

This application enables you to create many work/production orders for a particular item . This scenario is a Make To Stock environment.

Note that components and the finished good can be serialized in this application, which is required to enable manufacturing warranty for a particular component or finished good

A video (15 mins, 6/2020) below shows you the features. Application datasheets are also provided below.

ASC Lite Manuf module for Distributors -
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