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Construction ERP: Customer Testimonials



Several customers have testified as seen below about the completeness, user friendliness and the flexible customization of the Acumatica Based ERP for Construction. 

The following customers have testimonials:

  • Curran Young Construction

  • Hartzell Construction

Curran Young Construction


Curran Young Construction uses the Acumatica Construction Edition and the ISV applications:

  • Business Connected

  • ProEst for the estimates

  • ProCore for construction project management

  • Smartsheet of general project management

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Hartzell Construction Taps Acumatica for Integrated Construction Management

In South Florida, a prevalence of aging infrastructure in need of upgrading has allowed Anderson Pinto and Hartzell Construction to build a remodeling empire. Anderson is transforming what started as a painting business into a firm offering an array of construction services – from concrete restoration to remodeling residential, commercial and municipal buildings. Soon Hartzell Construction will offer plumbing services as well as new building construction.

When legacy software ProContractor failed to provide insights, data and the back-office foundation he needed, Anderson turned to Acumatica Construction Edition, gaining a much easier-to-use, modern construction accounting software solution that offers financials, including job cost accounting, project management, customer relationship management (CRM) and mobile access.

Hartzell Construction l purchased the Construction Edition and implemented Acumatica modules including CRM, Financials, Project Management, Inventory, Intercompany, Distribution, Field Services, and Outlook integration.


  • Seamlessly Integrates Front and Back-office

    • With Acumatica installed, Hartzell Construction gained seamless integration and connectivity, giving executives and managers a holistic view of the company, allowing them to view all its different entities and project details, in real time – no matter where they are.

    • Acumatica streamlined and automated the company’s entire operation, from its subcontractor approval process to job cost reporting to inventory, improving its total gross margins at least 15 percent, Anderson says.

  • Improved Team Communication Eliminates Wasted Time

    • Acumatica’s seamlessly connected applications, such as CRM and Financials, have improved communication between all departments, Reinaldo says. Acumatica adoption is high; even the company’s long-time employees have embraced the modern software due to its ease of use.

    • When it comes to search, “Acumatica is thousands of miles ahead,” he says, adding the fast, accurate search capability helps everyone save time.

    • With Acumatica Construction Edition, project managers are connected to the office and can see how they are performing against budget, which subcontractors need to be paid, and even understand the profitability of a current or past project. Stella Carneiro, Hartzell Construction’s Controller estimates she has saved 20 to 25 percent of her time previously spent looking those items up for project managers, allowing her to now concentrate on higher priority tasks.

    • With a simple drill down, project managers can see critical project data, material arrival timelines, invoice approvals, and track the actual expenses applied to a project – information they didn’t have previously.

  • See below for more benefits.​

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Texas Scenic Company


As a full-service theatrical equipment company, Texas Scenic Company provides stage curtains, counterweight and motorized rigging, theatrical lighting, expendables and hardware, and custom equipment. Their team works with each client to create and install the systems and equipment they need for renovations or new construction, and any product they manufacture is held to the highest safety and reliability standards.

In addition to Acumatica Construction Edition, which seamlessly connects front and back office processes and provides a “single source of truth” for multiple construction projects, Acumatica covers TSC’s manufacturing, service, and retail needs with Acumatica Manufacturing EditionAcumatica Project Accounting, and Acumatica Distribution Edition.

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