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BFC Dakota: TruckBuilder


The TruckBuilder application optimizes:

  1. The route by determining which customers to group on a particular route, and by sequencing the customers on the route to minimize traveled distance.

  2. The picking by enabling the route builder to determine the optimal truck template (eg. 28 ft trailer having  100 cubic foot for frozen products, 120 cubic foot for refrigerated products, and 2000 cubic food foot for dry foods) based on the type of items (frozen, refrigerated or dry) and packaging volume (cartons) in the sales orders for the customers on a given route.  A zone template will determine the picking order i.e. the order of slots from which items need to be picked in the warehouse. 

In this way the truck route, the truck load and the picking time is optimized. This saves a lot of labor time, and optimizes the usage of trucks, forklifts and storage. 


The TruckBuilder enables you to allocate and build routes.

You may have allocated the following customers, sales/customer orders and order items to a particular route:

  • Route 1011

    • Customer 100​

      • SO 700​

        • item 2200​: Frozen steaks 10 cartons​

        • item 2300: Milk 30 cartons
        • item 2400: Dry food 40 cartons​
      • SO 800

        • item...​

    • Customer 50​​

      • SO 900​

      • SO 500

    • Customer 110​

      • SO 1100​

      • SO 1200

    • Note: each carton is one cubic foot

  • Based on the volume needed for frozen food, refrigerated food and dry food on a particular route, you may choose a particular truck template such as: 28 ft trailer  having 100 cubic feet space for frozen foods, 200 cubic feet for refrigerated foods, and 2000 cubic feet for dry food. 

A screen capture as given below, illustrates the building of a route. 

BFC Dakota Truckbuilder route screen.jpg

, Once the customers and their sales/customer orders are allocated to a route, the selection of a truck template happens.

See below the selection of a truck template.

BFC Dakota Truckbuilder route truck temp
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