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Acumatica Finance - Accounts Receivable: American Payment Solutions (APS) ISV Application


The APS ISV application manages the processing of the Accounts Receivables.


APS Payments offers flexible and integrated payment solutions for every business. APS Payments is a gateway and processor that is trusted by thousands of merchants daily to process payments and works diligently to get you the lowest credit card processing rates, reduce your risk, and provide the best solutions for your business. 

Credit cards can be applied as deposits or payments, as pre-authorizations or post-authorizations inside the Payments and Applications section. All payments can be processed directly through Acumatica, and the integrated Customer Vault allows merchants to transmit their payment information through a Transport Layer Security (TLS) connection for storage in our Level 1 PCI certified data facilities, ensuring PCI Compliance. With the new APS ClickToPay functionality, users now have the ability to send a copy of the invoice via email to their customers and allow them to pay online and select which payment method they would like to use.

Credit Card Payments using APS and Acumatica

Processing credit card payments made online in an ECommerce store that is integrated with Acumatica.  APS is used to process the online credit card payment submissions

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