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Acumatica Tax Management


Acumatica Tax Management handles USA Sales and Use taxes, Canadian/European Value Added Taxes, and withholding employment taxes

USA sales and use taxes are determined by the item/product tax category, the geographical tax zone and the tax rate/schedule table. 

Regarding filing federal (IRS) and state taxes, you need to purchase an ISV application called ….. 

Acumatica Sales and Tax Management for the USA, and VAT Tax Management for Canada and Europe


Acumatica Tax Management requires manual entry of the tax rates but, once done calculates automatically the sales or use tax on sold products and services. Those sales and use taxes are also also automatically booked as expenses in the General Ledger. Summary and detail sales and use tax reports are available.

The video ( 4.5 mins, 2018) give you an overview. 

Integration with the ISV Tax Management Application from Avalara

Acumatica Tax Management handles only a few states, and requires manual entry of sales tax rates. The Avalara tax management application finds the right tax rates automatically for any state and for any product or service.

The video ( 4.5 mins, 2018) give you an overview. 

Click here to learn more about the ISV Avalara tax management application. 

An alternative ISV tax management application is available from Vertex

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