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Acumatica Printshop for Screen Printing, Embroidery and Promotional Products



The Acumatica Printshop ERP is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for businesses such as screen printing, embroidery and promotional products. This ERP package consists of minimum the following components:

  • Acumatica Finance Suite (General Ledger, cash and banking management, Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable)

  • Acumatica Distribution Suite (inventory management, sales order management, purchase order management)

  • Printshop application

The Printshop application has specific features such as:

  • Print/Embroidery Production

    • Custom print production workflow

    • Setup Screens for Screen Print, Embroidery, Digital, Promotional orders

    • Capture Print and Embroidery data

    • Art and production approval notifications

    • Manage art setup, files and CRM activities

    • Art setup, Art required for approval, Production approval status

    • Manage all screen print colors and location needed for production

    • Manage all thread colors and location for Embroidery work

    • Manage production employee resources and their activity

  • Printshop workflow process

    • Printshop allows to assign art work to artist and track it's progress across entire art production. Quickly access work orders through list view, update status and notify your customers on job progress.

    • Art work-order list

    • Quick work-order update status

    • Update art and production status

    • Dashboard's and productivity reports

  • Printshop Art Approval

    • Printshop allows to track art approval process from start to finish, assign art to artist, upload files and send approval reports to customers. 

    • Access Setup/Job screens

    • Upload multiple art files

    • Assign art to each location

    • Send customer approval reports

    • Art Approval & Productivity reports, dashboards

Detailed Features



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