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Acumatica Order Management


The Acumatica Order Management application manages only non-stock items aka service items. If your company does not handle stock items, then your company should not buy the Acumatica Distribution Suite, which handles both stock and non-stock items. 

Professional Service companies such as insurance companies, advertising companies, accounting, tax and auditing companies, professional organizations, etc do not carry stock items. They just need the Acumatica Order management application which consists of:

  • Sales/service orders for non-stock/service items

  • Purchase orders for non-stock/service items


A company may have only non-stock items such as eg. a VOIP plan service, an insurance service, accounting service, etc. Such a service may have several components such as eg. labor, administrative overhead, delivery service, special federal taxes, etc. 

The Acumatica ERP order management enables you to build a non-stock kit consisting of non-stock (service) components.

See the video (8 mins, 2018) below. 

Note that Acumatica handles kits that consist of stock and non-stock items 

Costing non-stock items

Normally the cost of non-stock items comes from the purchase order of the non-stock item. However if your company doesn't buy those non-stock items (as in the case for VOIP or telecom services, accounting services, etc,.) you must be able to to track the costs involved in developing and offering those non-stock items/services. 

The Acumatica ERP version 2019R2 version enables you to do this. See the video (8 mins, 2019) below.

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