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Acumatica Flexibility

  • Easy customization 

    • Development of new applications 

      • The XRP developmnent platform of Acumatica enables IT developers to quickly develop new applications. The following apps that were developed in record time, are proof of that: 

        • Property management of IBS: 

          • .. 

        • Non profit management of NonProfitPlus 

          • - NonProfitPlus is powered by Acumatica Cloud ERP.  We help nonprofits manage funds, grants, keep funds in balance and track volunteer hours all from a web browser.  Built on the Acumatica Platform, users receive all of the benefits of a full ERP system engineered for nonprofit organizations 

        • Rental management software of DynaRent 

  • Easy automation 

  1. Integration 

    1. Extensions or ISV apps fully integrated and real-time, and certified 

  2. Deployment options 

    1. Easy to implement and to use 

      1. Easy to install 

        1. Using SaaS, max 20 secs 


        2. In your private cloud, 0nce Microsoft SQL or MySQL is installed, installation of Acumatica ERP takes about 45 mins.   


        3. Installation of competitor software takes half a day to one day 

          1. German competitor software installation is very complex.  


      2. Easy to use 

        1. Role access 


  3. True Mobility 

    1. Mobile app can easily be changed by a non-IT person using the mobile app framework 


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