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Acumatica Ecosystem


The Acumatica Ecosystem is the world of Acumatica, which consists of Acumatica, the Acumatica OEMs using Acumatica ERP under their own brand, Acumatica Independent Software Vendors  (ISV), Acumatica partners, and Acumatica customers. All these parties form a tight community, in which they closely communicate via weekly webinars (marketing, presales, sales, product, support and training),  roadtrips, annual summits, local seminars and training, Acumatica User Group, Customer and Partner advisory committees and social media. All these community members know each other and interact a lot. Internet Customer Solutions has contributed a lot to this interaction, and is increasing this interaction with new interactive portals. 

Customers and partners drive new product enhancements, marketing and training efforts. As a customer you will be really engaged, involved and empowered. 

The Acumatica EcoSystem Components

The Acumatica ecosystem consists of the following: 

  • Acumatica Corporation ​

  • Acumatica Partners  

    • 350 partners working together! 

  • Acumatica Independent Software Vendors 

  • Acumatica OEMs 

  • Acumatica advisory committees representing the customer's voice 

  • Acumatica portals, free online training, summit events, roadshows, staggering awards 

Acumatica Corporation

The Aumatica Corporation ( ) has:

  • 350 employees 

  • Headquarters in Bellevue, Washington, and offices all over the world 

  • 6,500 customers and growing fast!

  • 70% of its staff focuses on further development of the Acumatica ERP Foundation, the Acumatica xRP development platform, tecnnical support and training. 

The picture below gives the locations of its offices and of its OEM customers. 

Acumatica Corporation.png

The picture below lists a small fraction of Acumatica's customers

Acumatica Customers.png

Acumatica Partners

Acumatica has about 350 partners all over the world. To be a certified partner, you have to earn the following training badges:

  • Consultant badge consisting of basic and intermediate accounting tests that are very thorough.

  • Presales badge consisting of learning the Acumatica ERP Foundation basics, and demonstrating those basics

  • Sales badge consisting of learning about the corporation, the Acumatica ERP Foundation Suites and Modules in more detail, the competition and the battle cards, and the partner portal. A sales presentation has to be recorded and presented. 

  • System Administration badge consisting of learning to install Acumatica ERP, to configure it, to set up Exchange synchronization, and to set up security

  • Reporting and BI badge consisting of learning the GL reporting tool and the Report Designer tool for other Acumatica ERP suites and applications

  • Technical implementation badge that requires a partner to go through the steps of a full implementation

  • Partners Owner and Executive badge that requires a partner to learn to be service oriented instead of project oriented, to provide self service portals to customers, to use the social media, and to understand the customer's industry and new technologies. 

All these training badges have about 2 -5 training courses that have each about 3-5 parts. Each part has a thorough test for which a 80% passing mark has to be reached. Certification is very thorough but guaranteeing the customer to deal with knowledgeable and experienced partners. 

Internet Customers Inc. is a Silver Certified partner, and has obtained an additional training badge in Manufacturing. 

The picture below gives a fraction of the list of Certified Acumatica Partners.

Acumatica Partners.png

Acumatica Independent Software (ISV) Vendors

Acumatica has about 300 Independent Software Vendors (ISV) which developed applications that fully integrate with the Acumatica ERP Foundation. The ISV developers are required to use the Acumatica xRP Development Platform and its development standards such as REST APIs and webservices developed by Acumatica. If the ISV application passed the ISV application certification test, then the ISV app is Acumatica certified and should be very steady. In addition the ISV application is tested with customers, and if it passes the customer test, it will be customer certified. Again this leads to the high quality of Acumatica ISV applications. 

A list of ISV applications can be seen here. They add functionality and features to the Acumatica ERP Foundation Suites and Modules. In this way a customer in a specific industry will get a complete ERP offer for its company's needs.​

The picture below gives a fraction of the list of Acumatica ISVs.

Acumatica ISVs 2017.png
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