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Acumatica: Document Management


The Acumatica Document Management feature enables your company to create a WIKI page in your Acumatica application/website and place it anywhere in your Acumatica application/website. A wiki page can include text, pictures, and web links.

Where can it be used? 

Several examples of usage:

  • A wiki page to announce to your employees where your company has been featured in the industry analyst market. Actually Acumatica itself used a wiki page in its Acumatica application interface to announce to its users its industry analyst quotes. See the picture below. You could do the same in your Acumatica customer portal so that your customers see your announcements. 

  • A wiki page to depict a workflow for for instance purchasing. This workflow wiki article would be part of the dashboard for the purchasing department. Clicking on the picture in the workflow will link or drill down to specific screens of forms in the Acumatica ERP application. 

  • A wiki page to describe the specific requirements of an item/product. Such a wiki page can be stored as an attached file. 

  • A wiki page to include an user manual or help pages for a particular screen or form in your Acumatica application/website

A wiki page is written in HTML code.  You need to know HTML code. However if you don't know HTML code, you can use Microsoft Word to write and format your text, paste the text into, convert it to HTML, copy the HTML, and paste the HTML code into your wiki page. More details are given below. 

A WIKI page to announce industry analyst quotes

AcumaticaInterCS Document Mgt.jpg

A WIKI page to depict a workflow for  purchasing and shipping items to customers

Distribution business process flow dashb

Building a WIKI Page

Building a WIKI page requires either WIKI Markup language or HTML coding. However Acumatica ERP provides a lot of tools to help you building WIKI pages as you can see in the left menu of the top picture above.

The video on the right is dated 2020, and shows you how to build wiki pages.

Help with HTML Coding

Using HTML coding to build a WIKI page, gives you more features  such as including pictures, and positioning those pictures properly as you see in the distribution dashboard above. If you build a WIKI page using HTML but don't know HTML coding, the website will help you. You just enter your text, your pictures and videos first. Then you convert to HTML. Copy the HTML code and paste it into your wiki page. 

WIKI Access, Approval and Attachments

The Acumatica WIKI development enable your company to do also the following: 

  • Restricting access to certain WIKI folders and files

  • Subject WIKI article publishing to an approval process

  • Attach files to a WIKI article

  • Include a WIKI article in a dashboard as seen above

Acumatica Document Management versus Microsoft Sharepoint Online

The Acumatica document management enables you to create WIKI articles, and to store them anywhere in your Acumatica ERP menus or dashboards. However if you want to share those articles with customers or vendors without giving them access to your Acumatica ERP instance, then it becomes difficult. If you want to enable your customers or vendors to edit those articles simultaneously, and chat or video call with you and outsiders, then you need Microsoft Sharepoint Online and maybe Microsoft Teams. For details on MS Sharepoint Online and MS Teams click here

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