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Marketing Campaign Management


You want to contact a list of business contacts to inform them about a new  product or service, a new promo, a webinar, a new private portal,  a conference, etc. You can contact them via a postcard or email.

The Acumatica CRM marketing campaign management submodule enables you to do this. If the email body is quite simple, we recommend you to build the email body in MS Word, and copy it to an email template in Acumatica CRM marketing campaign management. Else, if the email body is complex with a lot of pictures and HTML, you can use Mailchimp since you can integrate it with Acumatica CRM. It is important that the responses to your email campaign end up in Acumatica CRM so that additional request information can be stored in Acumatica.

In your email body, there should be weblinks to Acumatica forms where the web visitor will enter additional information. Upon submit, this additional information will be stored in Acumatica, a confirmation email will be sent to the web visitor, and a notification email will be sent to an employee in your company. We can help you with enabling the web visitor to add your company information to his/her address book. 

The process flow will be somewhat different depending on the goal of the email campaign such as registration for a newsletter, a webinar or a conference, or a private portal. For a webinar, your web visitor will be enabled to add the webinar date to his/her calendar.

We strongly recommend your web visitor to join your private prospect portal once they are serious. Once they are in your private portal, you don't have to use email anymore. 

Our company will help you in setting up the technical part of the marketing campaign. 

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