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The lead and opportunity management or marketing module/workspace enables you to take a lead or business account all the way to a customer stage in the sales cycle. The main steps involved are listed below. They are all present in the Acumatica CRM suite, lead and opportunity management module/workspace. The main steps are as follows:

  • Creating classes for leads/contacts, business accounts and opportunities

  • Gathering or creating leads/contacts, business accounts

  • Assigning leads/contacts or opportunities automatically to employees or workgroups 

  • Creating activities for leads/contacts, business accounts and opportunities with whom you are doing business

  • Assigning activities to people​

Some of the main steps will be discussed and illustrated in more detail below but the video below will give you a good overview.

If you want to see the webinar in full screen in a new window, please click here

Creating Classes

  • Creating classes in CRM enables you to do the following tasks:​

    • Lead/contact classes

      • Grouping of leads/contacts​

      • Specifying attributes for a lead/contact class

      • Specifying business account class and opportunity class for a lead/contact class

      • This will enable you to list all the leads that belong to a certain lead class, a certain business account class and a certain opportunity class. You can then send them an email that has been customized for that specific list. You can focus a specific marketing team on that specific list via restrictive access so that their marketing efforts are effective and efficient. This is targeted marketing!!

    • Business account classes

      • Grouping  eg. business accounts, leads/contacts, opportunities​

        • For instance, if your company as a plastic products manufacturer targets medical equipment manufacturers, you can create a business account class = Medical Equipment Manufacturers. You can assign attributes to this business account class such as eg.

          • type of manufacturing: contract manufacturers, OEM manufacturers, ​

          • Revenue of manufacturing company:

          • type of medical equipment needed: foley urine catheter, ear catheter, spinal catheter, ..

          • ...

        • If you want to do another grouping such as for instance type of orders:  Make to Order, Make to Stock, Make to Engineer, .. that is across any type of manufacturers​, and you want to be able to assign this business account class also together with the above one, some customization of Acumatica CRM would be needed. Or Acumatica CRM can be integrated with Hubspot to do this more complex grouping. 

      • Specifying a notification template (eg. a sales quote template) for eg. a business account class​

    • Opportunity classes​

      • Grouping of opportunities​

      • Specifying attributes for an opportunity class such eg. currently used machines, 

      • Specifying the stage of the opportunity: prospect, nurture, qualification, etc

      • Specifying business account class id for this opportunity class

Specifying all the above classes and attributes is specific to your business, and will take some time but, will enable you to market and sell effectively and efficiently. Your win rate will be much higher. Internet Customer Solutions has a methodology for specifying classes and attributes. We will share this with you once you sign up as a customer.

Gathering or creating leads/contacts, business accounts

  • Creating leads/contacts, business accounts and opportunities can be done in different sequences. You can start with leads, or with business accounts. The following CRM flow diagram illustrates this.​

  • Leads and business accounts can be gathered via:

    • Excel sheets or CSV files

    • Website contact forms, request for information forms, request for quote forms, webinar and newsletter registration forms

    • Mobile application of Acumatica

    • Integration with Hubspot

    • Integration with Mailchimp

    • Integration with ECommerce ISV applications

  • Creating profiles manually

    • Creating leads/contacts, business accounts and opportunities can be done in different sequences. You can start with leads, or with business accounts. The above CRM flow diagram illustrates this.​

Creating opportunitie and Changing easily stage and status


Creating opportunities from a business account or a contact is just a conversion step. But entering the stage and the status for each opportunities can be quite a chore. In 2020 the Acumatica CRM enables you to do this much faster.

The video (10 mins, 4/2020) will show you.

Assigning leads/contacts or opportunities automatically to employees or workgroups 

Using assignment maps, leads can be automatically assigned to employees or workgroups.

Creating activities for leads/contacts, business accounts and opportunities with whom you are doing business


Activiites such as:​

  • Notes, tasks, events, ​email, note, chat, appointment, message, phone call and work item.  As you convert leads to  contacts, business accounts, and then to opportunities, and then to customers, all these activities are carried forward so that you keep a history.

Assigning activities to people​

  • An employee can assign an activity with a due date to another employee if he/she has access rights​

  • When an employee signs in to Acumatica, he/she will see all his/her past due activities, activities due this week, etc. This can also be displayed in his/her dashboard as seen below:

Recording your conversations, converting to text, and storing the text in a CRM activity

Taking meeting or conversation notes, and storing them in a CRM are tasks that often don't get done. However notes are important. An Acumatica Hackaton group has developed an application at the Acumatica Summit conference 2020 that records your voice/conversation, converts the voice into text, and stores this text (meeting/conversation notes) into Acumatica CRM under the right contact in an activity record. 

This application was developed by a team of six people in about 8 hours. Besides the hard work of the team, it also shows how the Acumatica xRP development platform enables the development of an application in such a short time. 

The video (10 mins, Jan 2020) below shows an overview of the application. This application is free, and can be added to your Acumatica ERP.  More details are available here

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