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Acumatica Training Certificates

The Acumatica Partnership requirements are very laborious and stringent. To become a silver partner you have to obtain six training badges, about minimum three new customers in a year, and the customer satisfaction rate has to be minimum about 70%. Each training badge may consist of about two to five training courses. Each training course contains about 400 pages of reading material and exercises, and  has about four to five tests. The test passing mark is 80%. Test questions are very thorough. 

This normally results in a good knowledge and understanding of the Acumatica Cloud ERP product, the sales, marketing and technical support programs. 

Internet Customer Solutions has already obtained the following major training certificates:

Acumatica Training Certificates sys admi
Acumatica Training Certificates Manuf 6
M100_CertificateCPE_Toon Six Basic Manufacturing.jpg
V200_CertificateCPE_Toon Six BigCommerce connector.jpg
V210 Certificate CPE Toon Six Shopify Connector.jpg
P100_CertificateCPE Toon Six 2021R1.jpg
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