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Advanced Generic Inquiry Features (Acumatica version 2020R1)


The  advanced Generic Inquiry (GI) features in the Acumatica ERP version 2020R1 enable you the following main tasks:

  • Mass actions

    • For instance, approve a set of bills in a few clicks​

    • For instance, delete a set of bills when the purchase goods never arrived

    • Mass field updates

      • For instance, change the credit term for a set of bills since the vendor relaxed the credit terms​

  • Create a new GI based on an existing GI but with several modifications​​

  • Navigation choice

    • Enable to link to a master record eg a vendor from  a certain bill in the GI​

    • Enable to see all the master record data of eg. a vendor in a side panel, from a certain bill in the GI

  • Record selection​

    • Enter selection criteria in the GI so that you only see the records that satisfy all the selections criteria​

Once you have the wanted data, you can do the following:

  • Create a report from it

  • Make it available in O'Data so that you can see it in Excel or in PowerBI, and share it with external parties in the cloud.

  • Use it in workflows

    • Eg. All the late shipments create a daily notification to certain warehouse people to ship them asap​

  • Use the GI data in integrations with ISV applications​ via the usage of web APIs

    • For instance, only shipments to customers in Chicago, can be assigned to trucks 20 and 30 in the TMS​


The video (18 mins, April, 2020) will illustrate the above features.

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