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Acumatica 2021R1 Features


The Acumatica 2021R1 features have now put this cloud ERP way ahead of the competition. The features are phenomenal while the pricing is much lower than the competition.

Virtual Launch of the Acumatica 2021R1Features

The full virtual launch event of February 18 , 2021 can be viewed here.


During this virtual launch, you will see the following:


  • R1 Launch Event

  • Breakout Sessions:

    • Manufacturing Edition Overview with 2021 R1 Review

    • Construction Edition Overview with 2021 R1 Review

    • Retail-Commerce Features for 2021 R1

    • Distribution R1 Overview

If you are new to the Acumatica ERP, you can read the basic material about the Acumatica ERP Foundation, and view some demos here.


For questions, email us at .

Features and Improvements

2021 R1 contains several improvements and new features. A list of highlights is provided below.

  • Platform usability improvements across all suites and modules/workspaces

  • User defined defaults

    • User defined defaults are new fields that you can create on most documents (sales order, purchase order, shipment,..), and assign a default field value to it if a certain condition is satisfied.

    • :Examples:

      • On the Sales Order document, you can create a new field : Custom Engraving with field value = yes if the Sales Order type is SO. This way only sales orders of type SO will get a custom engraving on their products. This example is illustrated in the video left below.

      • On the Sales Order document, you can create a new field : Put Away Location with field value =  R12B230 (Row 12, BIn 230) if the the Sales Order type is Return. This way returned goods will but put away into storage bin R1B230.

      • On the shipment document, you can create a new field Warehouse ship location with value - Dock 12 if the shipment type is a warehouse transfer. This way all goods that need to be transferred to another warehouse, will be stationed first at dock 12.

  • Dashboards: Meter Widget and Link to Any ERP Form/Document

    • You can add a meter widget that looks like a speedometer. The meter widget can show ranges for eg. late fulfillment of orders. A normal range for late orders could be from 2 - 10 days late in fulfillment, a warning range for late fulfillment could be 11-15 days, a critical range could be 16 - 20 days. Instead of absolute values you can specify percentages based on an absolute value of eg. 2 days for late orders.

    • You can add a link to a document or form, as a widget. For instance a link to create a new opportunity

    • The benefit of these features that you can focus better on the problem areas of your function/role in your dashboard.

    • All this can be seen in the video left below.

    • A meter widget/dial can show how many bins are used and unused/empty in a warehouse. You can show in green how many bins make up 80% of the total number of bins so that when the number of used bins (the dial) hit the 80% alert, you are warned. If you add more bins, the 80% alert number will automatically change. To implement this, no coding was needed. See the video right below.

  • Distribution Suite

    • Cross company sales

      • Cross company sales happen when a subsidiary of a company sells some of its goods to another subsidiary of the company.

      • :Example:

        • A company has two subsidiairies:

          • Services East Company (the customer) buying a computer from the subsidiary Capital

          • Capital company (the vendor) selling a computer to subsidiary Services East (the customer)

        • The purchaser in the Services East company creates a purchase order for the computer. This creates a Sales Order for the Capital subsidiary, which will result in a shipment by the Capital subsidiary, and a purchase receipt for the Services East subsidiary.

        • The corresponding bookings in the General Ledger will be done automatically via Due To and Due From transactions.

        • This example is illustrated in the video below.

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