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Acumatica COVID-19 Wellness Tracker of Employees


The Acumatica COVID-19 Wellness Tracker of Empoyees is an Acumatica application that enables your company to determine which employees can return to work or not. This determination is based upon mobile app survey questions such as temperature, sneezing and coughing, stomach cramps, loss of smell, etc. When the answers point to a possible COVID-19 virus, the employee should be tested.

If the employee is tested COVID-19 positive , then that employee should self-quarantine, and not return to work till tested negative. A person who is tested COVID-19 positive, can apply for temporary  disability with its state's Department of Labor.

Be advised that the above application does not provide any warranties regarding being COVID-19 positive or negative, regarding temporary disability, proper testing and treatment.

Application Requirements and Features

The Acumatica COVID-19 Wellness Tracker of Empoyees is a free  Acumatica application that requires the installation of the Acumatica ERP.  You need to have purchased or licensed the Acumatica ERP. 

To see more details about the features, click here.

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