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Industry Solutions (Web/Cloud Based)

  • HIgh End Small Businesses and Medium SIze Businesses (>$50 Mln Revenue/yr)
ERP for
Discrete Manufacturing
  • Electronics 
  • Applicances
  • ...               
ERP for 
Discrete Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Bottling    
  • Dry Food  
ERP for
  • Low End Small Businesses (<$5 Mln Revenue/yr) 


Horizontal Services


InterCS Overview
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The internet is the most economic medium for marketing and administering your business. Your website, your administration (CRM and ERP which include customer management, quoting, sales ordering, job scheduling, invoicing, accounting and financial reports), your document management, your team management, your web conferencing and your phone system) can all be online on your servers and/or in a public cloud or a private cloud.

Our company has set this up for its customers and can set it up for your company through the following online services and solutions:


Professional Services


Horizontal Solutions

All the above services and solutions are fully integrated and accessible online which enables us to achieve our goal. Our goal is to help our customers grow and be profitable, and at the same time grow our company and be profitable while customers and employees enjoy their work and each other.


Our Experience

Our offerings are unique in the sense that they enable your business to be run nearly fully online. You or your marketing group can change your website online. Your employees and customers can see their relevant data online. Your sales and marketing people can manage their sales, marketing and service online. Everyone can collaborate from anywhere at anytime. All information is integrated across services and solutions. Your company is saving huge amounts since you don't need anymore all those servers, server software and IT staff resources to maintain them. Our company has been in the internet business for ten years and automated many businesses from scratch.


To call us now, click on button below, and enter your phone number.


Internet Customer Solutons, Inc,

Phone: 973 244 1470
Fax: 983 582 0320
239 New Road
Suite B103
Parsippany, NJ 07054
Contact us now with any question. We like to hear from you. Enter your contact information, and submit it. We will reply.



InterCS Integration
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